Rules to be respected during your stay

When you rent a Dodo et Tartine accommodation, there are certain rules you must follow.

🚭 Do not smoke

Please smoke outside and close the doors to prevent smoke from entering the accommodation.

🗑 Throw out the dustbins and empty the hoover

Although cleaning is included in the price, please leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition. Please empty the hoover (do not suck up any liquid with it) and dispose of the rubbish bins (please refer to the Accommodation Manual for details of where to dispose of the rubbish).

🍽 Washing the dishes and emptying the fridge

Please wash the dishes or run the dishwasher only the day before departure; do not run the dishwasher on the day of departure. Please also empty the fridge and clean the barbecue if there is one.

💡 Do not leave the heaters and lights on

Please turn off the heating/air-conditioning as well as the interior and exterior lights when travelling during your stay and on departure.

🤫 Respect the silence

Parties are strictly forbidden. Thank you for respecting the tranquillity of the neighbourhood. Dodo et Tartine will hold you responsible for any complaints from the neighbourhood.

🛠 Warn in case of damage

In the event of damage or deterioration in the interior or exterior parts of the accommodation, you are obliged to inform Dodo et Tartine as soon as possible. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

🛏 Leaving the linen in place

Dodo et Tartine takes care of everything concerning sheets and towels, please do not remove the sheets and do not throw the machine.

Linen must be returned in good condition. Any stained linen will be deducted from the deposit.

🐶 Animals accepted with fees

Unless otherwise stated, pets are accepted but you must inform your receptionist. Additional charges apply.

Animals are strictly forbidden on the fabrics (beds, sofa, chair, etc...). A cleaning fee may be charged if there is an excessive amount of hair in the accommodation. 

👨 Do not exceed the capacity of the accommodation/parking area

Thank you for using the accommodation within the planned capacity. You can receive guests but please inform your receptionist and provided they do not stay overnight (except for children under 3 years old). Please respect the parking rules indicated by your receptionist and the Accommodation Manual.

🕙 Departure before 10am free of charge

Departure from the accommodation is before 10:00 am. You may leave later if you wish, however you must notify your receptionist as soon as possible by telephone. Additional charges apply.

In the event of non-compliance with the house rules, a fee will be withheld from the security deposit..