Won't the cost of the Dodo et Tartine service reduce my income ?

Thanks to Dodo et Tartine, your rental activity is optimised by at least 30%. In most cases, the owner's profits are doubled, especially when the owner offers a top-of-the-range service. The case of villas with a swimming pool is the most telling.

How is it that Dodo et Tartine manages to rent more expensively and more often ?

Since 2017, Dodo et Tartine has gained invaluable experience in renting short-term accommodation. It has been able to develop a galaxy of strategies that now benefits dozens of landlords. Thus, thanks to an algorithm calculating prices according to the periodicity, the precocity of the request, the duration, the cancellation conditions, but also thanks to professional photography and an improved and very precise management of ads (ads management) on the most important websites etc... Dodo et Tartine achieves exceptional results.

How and when am I paid for my rental income ?

The owner receives two monthly payments (income and tourist taxes) by bank transfer before the 18th of the month following the rental period (the tenant's departure date is taken into account).

Do I have to modify or delete my existing ads on Airbnb or Abritel ?

Yes, it is imperative to delete them. Our conditions do not allow the landlord to rent his accommodation by his own means. To rent at the best price, no offer must compete with the offers of Dodo et Tartine.

Can bookings already confirmed at the time of signing the contract with Dodo et Tartine be processed by Dodo et Tartine ?

Yes, they can. All the owner has to do is communicate the information concerning the stay to the Dodo et Tartine team who will take care of everything. The usual price foreseen by our conditions applies.

Is it possible to try out the Dodo et Tartine services for a few months ?

Our service is free of any commitment.

Who pays the commission fees for sites such as Airbnb, Booking etc ?

The commission fees of the websites, if any, are due by the owner. Dodo et Tartine has pricing rules that allow for these extra costs to be compensated for.

What is the cancellation policy for rentals managed by Dodo et Tartine ?

Our cancellation policy is not the same for all rentals. On our website, the policy that applies is as follows:

- 50% of the amount of the nights is charged to the tenant if he cancels more than 30 days before arrival.

- 100% of the amount of the nights is charged to the tenant if he cancels less than 30 days before arrival.

The tenant can choose the option "free cancellation". This option increases the rental price by 20%.

Does Dodo et Tartine comply with RGPD ?

Our service provider, who processes our users' data on our website dodo-et-tartine.com, complies with the regulations and has asked us to draw up a privacy policy. See our privacy policy.