Dodo et Tartine Decoration

We believe that object design, interior design and space planning should be thought of as a whole, not separately. Our opinion is that this particular design work contributes to a large part of the well-being at home, which is why we attach great importance to it.

Our signature

We are fascinated by traditional craftsmanship and its unique character. Eclecticism best defines our culture and the great works of art history, our inspirations. We are as passionate about the rigour of the Scandinavian line as we are about the sophistication of flamboyant oriental or gothic art. We see interiors as minimalist, open and creative spaces at the same time. We believe, not only that it is possible to combine minimalism and sophistication, but that this alliance is necessary.

A way to create value

To decorate a property carefully is to give it a higher value. We believe that interior decoration makes it possible to better rent and/or sell a property, so it is one of the essential tools of the investor. Our job is to create value.

The Dodo et Tartine service